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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 26, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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i have something for you. ♪ hi i have something for you too. ♪ ♪ just announced in time for the holiday, get 1.9 % apr for 5 years on all 20-22 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models. visit your local dealer today. ♪ ktvu fox two. an atmospheric river moving into the bay area tonight, bringing heavy rain and strong winds. there is the potential for some trees to come down. it wouldn't surprise me with with the winds itself. preparations are underway. asbury officials braced for possible flooding and power outages. good evening. i'm julie
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julie haener christien kafton wind advisory is now in effect for parts of the north and east bay. we have live team coverage on the storm settling in overnight ktvu zach sauce standing by in the north bay with more on storm, perhaps, but first we begin with our meteorologist rosemary oroczo after seeing some light rain across the bay area earlier today, and the rain actually tapered off just a bit, but we are just getting started more on the way given a live look here at storm tracker to where the system dropping in from this direction and tapping in to that sub tropical moisture there and that is what is going to bring us a good amount of rain in a short amount of time. a moving in closer here we have widespread rain over the north bay. you can see generally light . we do have a few pockets of moderate rain reported out there in the central and south bay just like showers at this time. the heaviest rain is expected in the overnight hours, as well as the strongest winds right now, mount st helena reporting. 37 mph atlas peak 33. we've got mtibwa reporting 32. and as we take a look at what we're
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expecting, with the wind advisory notice, it is in our hills or north bay hills or east bay hills santa cruz mountains and does include the coastline as well. winds could gust 50 to 60 mph, which, as we mentioned a month ago could bring down power lines could bring down trees. the flood watch for the north bay starts at one o'clock this morning for the entire north bay form the coastline through the valleys and hills, and it includes san francisco, the peninsula along the coast down through santa cruz that begins at four a.m. there's also advisories for our coastline beach hauser statement and a high surf advisory that will go all the way until wednesday morning. better details on the rainfall amounts and the timeline of the storm coming up in just a little bit. rosemary thank you. communities across the bay area tonight are preparing for this week's stormy weather. ktvu zac sos live now in san mobile with more zach. well just don't light rain coming down right now. here in san rafael, but earlier we did see some stronger bands coming
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through and obviously over the overnight hours, stronger winds expected to come in a stronger rain people spending the day here in the north bay, preparing outside marin ace hardware and san rafael employees, taking their own advice and prepping ahead of an incoming atmospheric river system with the inclement weather coming, we've sold quite a bit of weather proofing material concerns about flooding and high winds along the coast and across the north bay, moving south overnight. demand for weather related items up tarps. lot of tarps all the way from your basic ones to heavy duty ones. small ones, big ones. inflatable dams and sandbags. also in high demand. get what you need, um, secure everything that you can with strong straps , tarps, sandbags, similar advice coming from santa rosa fire marshal paul lowenthal, looking at some pretty pretty strong winds and the potential for power outages. pg and e
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crews are on stand by the national weather service forecasting winds of 20 to 30. mph in parts of the bay area and gusts of 50. there is the potential for some trees to come down. it wouldn't surprise me with with the winds itself the rain also bringing with it concerns about area burn scars. saul what the potential is last year when we saw some pretty significant flooding. and some minor mudslides. lowenthal reminding residents to keep their storm drains and gutters clear low lying areas near creeks and rivers and along the coastline expected to experience some flooding during the storm. meantime ponding on roadways predicted to create a slick mourning for those still commuting to work this holiday week. we're expecting this to be the first of several, uh storms over the next week or so. hopefully there's again breaks in between the system so that it's beneficial. the last thing we want to see is back to back major storm systems because of the potential for flooding and
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damage increases significantly. and with those high winds coming through emergency officials reminding you to tie down any loose items in your yard, including any christmas decorations that may still be out live in san rafael zac sos ktvu faxed to news and drivers need to remember just to take it easy out on the road, zac sos the sierra is also preparing for a big winter storm tonight, a system that could bring feet of new snow this week coming up after the break, experts are offering some advice to visitors ahead of the holiday weekend. that weather you can see flight delays. they're wreaking havoc for travelers across the country as well as right here in the bay area, southwest airlines has been canceling a majority of its flights due to technical difficulties. and of course, the weather back east ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peters joining us now live from san jose's mineta international airport with more on what's happening there right now, lamonica. how's it looking? right now. there's just a couple of dozen people
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here in the airport, and they're trying to figure out if they can get another airline to book a flight for them or if they can simply get their money returned or get a voucher for the canceled flight now, earlier tonight, there were hundreds of people in this terminal and we've been told that they've had to find another place to go for the night and it's been very frustrating. i don't think i'm gonna get anything here other than my money back and a voucher, which i need to get back first and foremost and see if there's anything they can give me a flight wise. hundreds of frustrated passengers stood in line inside terminal b at southwest airlines trying to get a flight out of san jose the day after christmas, trying times the holidays. i gotta go to work first thing tomorrow morning i took a risk by visiting my family out here in the bay. and i got a 50 minute flight to so cal, and i'm going to miss it and i have to go to work all week, so we'll see how this goes dozens of flights arriving to and departing from san jose have been canceled. some delayed and just a few flights were actually boarding passengers monday night
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, though the deadly snowstorm elliott costs flight interruptions on the east coast this week. passengers say southwest airlines blamed technical issues with its operating systems for cancelations. minutes before i put it to the airport, and i got a notification, my flight was canceled, so i'm just kind of like what's gonna happen from here. passengers were not the only people stranded in the airport, the union representing southwest airlines flight attendants says its members were also negatively impacted over the last few days being left without hotels being left without transportation and being unable just to contact somebody to tell you what to do, and to help you is deplorable. southwest airlines had this response to customer inquiries and flight crew complaints. obviously facing some operational challenges this evening with winter storm elliott that has kind of moved on to include some challenges with our flight crews being stuck in locations not where they need to be along with the
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aircraft. at this point, we're working to accommodate our customers as best we can and offer the most options that we can to get folks back home. now one of the women we spoke to who was headed to los angeles told us that southwest says she wouldn't be able to get a flight out of here until saturday. and, of course she's on her way to work. she says. all of the bus lines were sold out and we were told that the rental car shops are also sold out, so people are still trying to figure out what they're going to do and how they're going to get themselves back home, christian you know, lamonica. we've been hearing so much about what's been going on with southwest wondering if other airlines are impacted by all of this as well. i'm quite sure that they are but right now i'm looking at the arrivals and departures sign that are right here in front of me, and i can see that alaska airlines also has delayed and canceled flights , so i'm pretty sure that all of the airlines have had to have some sort of interruption because of the storm back east as well, as you know, whatever
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else is going on. but yeah, i think this is impacting all of the airlines and but southwest is seeming to have a little more trouble than the others. alright lamonica. good advice. sounds like if travelers are going out there, they should check to make sure that those flights are going to be going on time or if they have been canceled, whether they're outbound or whether they're expecting people coming in lamonica peterson san jose for us, thank you so much. frustration that was shared by many, according to flight, aware at least 41 flights were delayed and 176 canceled at oakland airport in the past 24 hours. san jose saw 65 flights behind schedule. 152 were dropped at sfo 205 flights were late 91 were scrubbed. as if long delays and canceled flights were not frustrating enough. some passengers are now dealing with lost luggage, hundreds of bags that need to be returned to their owners are now stacked up in baggage claims all across the country, and the situation may only get worse as more flights
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arrive throughout the night. staff is somewhere in this mess , did a terrible job at figuring out where people's bags that were canceled are going the massive winter storm over the weekend also claimed the lives of dozens of people across the u. s at least 28 of those deaths occurred in western new york one of the areas hardest hit fox news. alexis mcadams tells us that officials say that number will likely rise as people clean up from one of the worst storms to hit the region in decades. the death toll from last week's once in a generation. winter storm expected to climb blizzard is the one for the ages. certainly it is the blizzard of the century western new york, one of the hardest hit areas. no stranger to snow, but greater buffalo was paralyzed by this blizzard blanketing that city in sheets of snow, knocking out power to thousands of homes and businesses and killing dozens of people. their bodies discovered in their cars, inside homes and even buried in snow banks is
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painful to find members of your community that are deceased. emergency workers have already conducted hundreds of rescues of visuals, closing major highways and putting a driving ban in place. to create safe passage for search and recovery teams, plows, utility crews and first responders driving ban is in place not to inconvenience you. it's to help us get through this as quickly as possible to open up communities so that we can get in and do what we need to do so that we can open up as fast as possible. the storm, which began hitting the area on friday, brought heavy wind and lake effect snow visuals, calling it the worst blizzard and more than four decades and his folks trying to dig out there dealing with a lingering arctic freeze. some have been without power since friday. the most important thing is please stay at home for the next day, and it's not over yet. more snow is expected to fall in parts of western new york through tuesday in new york. i'm alexis mcadams
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fox news and a reminder now you can always stay up t our weather here and still to ce . a man now facing hate crime charges after anattack caught oo ahead tonight chilly temperatures and strong wind also hitting the sierra this week, the lake tahoe conditions as we look ahead to the
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korean this boy. comments caught on camera at a bay area in and out, directed at a young couple out for a burger on christmas eve, and the confrontation didn't end there. it continued, and became more threatening late today, we learned the man in the video has been identified and arrested, and it may not have been the first time he confronted total strangers. ktvu is henry lee spoke with the young couple. the man is accused of targeting it was a really big shock factor. he did not look entirely eventually. well he's just kept on spewing nonsense. suspect under arrest after being caught on camera making racist and homophobic remarks and her friend were eating and recording themselves at the in and out burger in san ramon before girl
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fry, filming yourself eating, yeah. almost six. kim and her friend elliott ha, laughed at the man kept on talking to them and made racist remarks on christmas eve. korean korean. i've grown up here in kim jong un comment since i was in elementary school, and i was like, oh, this is this is like taking this is taking a big turn hot. try to joke with the man, but he was in no mood for humor in your face as a filipino shoes, and then things took an even more sinister turn. yeah. says the man left the restaurant but kept on staring at them through the window is honestly like a scene out of a horror movie because because, like the window slightly cuts off, so like this is like all i could see from his shoulders up and he just was like staring at us. bug eyed man would turn violent if he pulls out a gun on us, or, like even like when we were both driving home. we're like our
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hands were shaking. kim managed to take this quick video of the man in question, police say a 40 year old jordan crawford, denver, seen here, making an obscene gesture has been arrested on suspicion of a hate crime. these photos were taken by abigail khalili, who tells me the same man yelled at her in her siblings as they peeked into a store in downtown danville on christmas morning. they are a filipino descent. you guys are gonna vandalize the shop. you're gonna rob place. i don't trust you guys. leave you guys are filipino idiots, kim says she's grateful she got it all on her phone, you know, imagine if you know i didn't have a platform where i was able to showcase like this is the kind of atrocities that not only asian americans have to go through. but like people of color in general, the suspect's been booked on two counts of a hate crime. he could still face additional charges in the danville incident. in san ramon henry lee ktvu fox studios. the sierra are preparing for a big winter storm, which could bring feet of snow this week. ktvu elissa harrington joining us now
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live from the newsroom. melissa what should people know who are hoping to head out for a day on the slopes told resorts are ready, but mother nature could close. some lifts at different ski resorts. this is, of course, a busy time up there. the holiday season isn't swing when families spend christmas in the snow and others will head up for the new year's eve celebrations . but this is a big storm that's moving in. that should bring rain, snow and wind. so people should be prepared and play it safe. heavy snow. rain and strong winds are expected to pummel the tahoe area the next couple days. a winter storm warning goes into effect tuesday morning and 1 to 2 ft of snow could fall in higher elevations . above 7000 ft. this is going to be a wet, wild atmospheric river. so get ready, my friends. it's gonna be fun. coop cooper, resident ski expert and founder of cooper, media and marketing, said the wind will likely impact operations at some resorts. palisades tahoe, for example, put its tram ana wind hold monday and said some gusty winds
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could continue to close lifts throughout the storms. coop said skiers and snowboarders should try one of the lower ridge resorts that are more protected . it's going to be a blast ary day the next couple of days. that's the message and there's a good chance you might find yourself playing a board game by the fire instead of shredding. look for those alternative activities that you could do. snowball will operation snowshoeing, cross country skiing. nice fire. our family visiting scrabble, jess, those kind of things because this is just gonna be one of those events that we can't control mother nature, the city of south lake tahoe, said travel over the mountain passes is discouraged tuesday and wednesday because the roads maybe i see there is also an avalanche watch issued for parts of the mountain range. caltrans is also going to have a challenge keeping highways open. so be prepared for that. and if you were thinking about driving up there, i'm told that you should have left by now reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. i would agree. we do
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have a high wind warning that moves into play at this hour over the sierra foothills, and it went to storm warning that begins tomorrow morning lasting for about 24 hours into wednesday, giving you a live look here over san francisco a little tough to see out there from this vantage point, but we do have wet conditions and we have the winds beginning to pick up with this storm. we are expecting anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rainfall over urban areas, hills and mountains, 2 to 4 the winds as we talked about a moment ago. winded vise ary for our coast as well as our hills. those gusts could reach anywhere from 40 to 60 mph tonight into tomorrow morning and for the sierra could see up to two ft of fresh snow as some of the higher peaks with that high wind warning beginning at this hour in the winter storm warning beginning tomorrow morning, the storm here tapping into this sub tropical moisture right back in here, and with that we have the atmospheric river that is going to be over the bay area. heaviest rainfall expected in the overnight hours. we do have
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light rain out there at this time, and just a little bit of snow now turning over in areas of the sierra more on this high wind warning. it goes until tomorrow morning at 10, a.m. and the high the winter storm warning will start tomorrow morning and last until wednesday morning. a brief look at the timeline here notice that midnight it's right over lake county and the north bay and then by 23 o'clock in the morning is moving through the central bay on its way to the south bay. there's a look at six a.m. so if you have an early morning drive, you're going to find that roadway flooding the ponding and the winds are expected to be at their strongest at this time as well. we do break away to scatter showers and drying conditions by the afternoon. better details on this storm, plus the ones to follow into the holiday weekend coming up in a little bit. all right, rosemary. thank you knew at 10 meta, the parent company of facebook will pay $725 million to settle a lawsuit involving the sharing of users personal information. the company was alleged to have
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allowed the firm cambridge analytica access to millions of users information from facebook and instagram. the firm supported donald trump's presidential campaign in 2016. started in 2018 when it was revealed mr trump's political strategist steve bannon, paid a facebook developer to access the information which was used to target voters during the campaign. the settlement is pending approval from a federal judge and the court hearing is set for march. coming up jose man who spent years working in the public sector sentenced to prison on child porn charges. also san francisco police investigating a mass overdose incident on christmas what we know from first responders. other of a teen who was killed in anti ox speaking out tonight in anti ox speaking out tonight her plea for justice next life is uncertain. it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried or frustrated.
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that's why we don't offer a car. we offer the car. ♪ sixt. rent the car. - life is uncertain. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources, it's easy to get the help you and your loved ones need when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today. skating mass overdose incident on christmas, which sent five people to the hospital.
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investigators say they were called to a home at post and webster streets at about two o'clock yesterday. six people there were in the midst of what the they call a medical emergency. paramedics administered the overdose reversal drug narcan to the victims at the scene. police say two people are still in critical condition. one person was treated at the scene. and released. authorities did not say if fentanyl was involved in this case, but the drug is causing an overdose epidemic in california and elsewhere. this year, investigators in our state seized a staggering 28,765. of fentanyl. that is nearly six us nearly 600% increase from last year, and experts say that is enough fentanyl to kill everyone in north america. twice over. we are hearing tonight from the mother of a 16 year old boy who was killed just over a week ago in antioch's teen was visiting his family when he was gunned down at a park ktvu s evan sernoffsky spoke with the mother about her plea for justice. this is the worst.
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christmas i have ever had. this is this is the worst. i don't wish this on my enemy. kia banks is back home in new orleans' after a trip to the bay area turned tragic. she and her 16 year old son were visiting her sisters in antioch's went on december 17th. he was shot dead. he was a happy kid. he was he was. he was a typical teenager, and he liked to play games. he was a kid. yeah, i deserve that . they have all of my life right level. thomas smith jr. who they all called poly walked from his aunt's home with his cousin to williamson ranch park around 11 20 that morning. banks said she was napping when she heard screams that her son had been shot. when i got out there, the paramedics was working on my son. mhm and i started holding his hand and i started praying with him and i started helping him work on him. but um, i holly
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was gone. police are looking for a dark colored sedan that was seen leaving the parking lot. they believe smith and his cousin met with the occupants when the shooting happened. no suspects have been identified or arrested. whoever was in that car that shot my son didn't know him. my son and do anything dollars thing he did was walk to a park with his cousin. he didn't deserve that. that was my baby. banks described her son as a lighthearted joker who always made her laugh he played tuba was passionate about music and art. he danced and liked anime and video games. she's now planning a funeral and working to bring her son's body back home. that's why i am i am just so angry. i'm mad. i want justice. i want to see the person locked up. i want anybody that is responsible to be held
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accountable. anyone with information about the case was asked to call antioch police. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. still to come a suspicious death investigation in the south bay. the discovery at a santa clara valley medical center, plus the search is on after a popular sculpture was stolen over the holiday weekend in oakland, also a 19 year old busted for creating bogus parking tickets near a santa cruz beach. the fake citations placed on cars. also ahead tonight. 49ers past russia's supreme nick bosa is on the cusp of noor he's been dreaming about since he was in grade school are jason appelbaum has bosa's take later in sports?
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throughout a lengthy career in public service, has been sentenced to nearly four years in federal prison for possessing child porn. the mercury news reports 62 year old gregory bobo was found with more than 1600 images and 39 videos containing child pornography and sexual abuse material at his home in august of 2019. worked in risk management and human resources in stockton's santa clara, kings county and manhattan beach during his career. he pleaded guilty last april to possessing child pornography and was sentenced last week. suspicious death investigation is underway in santa clara following the discovery of a body inside the parking garage at santa clara valley medical center. the man's body was found christmas morning. ktvu is jesse gary shows us there's a little known about how he died. santa clara county sheriff's investigators say an unidentified man's body was found sunday morning parking structure at valley medical center. investigators say
10:31 pm
someone notified chp and san jose police officers of an unresponsive man at the structure. officers ultimately turned the case over to the sheriff's deputies. deputies pronounced the man dead at the scene. officials say detectives are investigating the suspicious circumstances of his death. but investigators have not said if they believe violence was involved or if the victim was found inside a vehicle or on the ground inside the structure. the center. clark county coroner's office will determine the cause of death. the victim's name and identity will be withheld until his family is notified. we did reach out to officials here at valley medical center who directed us to the sheriff's office, which says they are investigating. at valley med, here in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. in san francisco. police are still investigating the deaths of two children in the bayview district. police say their mother, alicia alma green, pulliam, has been arrested. the two girls, ages one and five, were found dead inside a home in
10:32 pm
the bayview on friday morning. officers went to that home after calls came in about two unresponsive children. police say they were found by their father in a closet with a blanket over them. authorities have not determined how the two young girls died or a motive at this time. a man is facing multiple charges, including kidnapping after stealing a car with two girls inside and christmas night in mountain view, police say that 28 year old francisco reno, so got into the car with a seven and 13 year old girls inside as their mom ran inside a grocery store in downtown mountain view. investigators say the girls screamed and he told them to get out of the car, which they did. and then he drove away. officers were able to track him to palo alto, where he was arrested. reno so is now being held on $480,000 bail in santa cruz. police have arrested a man for creating and issuing fake parking tickets in hopes of making some extra cash. take a look. you can see there. the parking ticket on the right side
10:33 pm
of your screen is a real citation. the bogus ticket on the left is similar to the ones. police say a teenager was leaving on cars. the fake tickets included a q r code linking potential victims to a website to pay that quote unquote fine. police aren't sure just how many tickets the suspect doled out. they say he has admitted to the crime, but has denied receiving any payments. popular piece of art stolen in the bay area sculpture representing convicted killer and imprisoned native american activist leonard peltier was inside a u haul stolen off the streets of oakland last week. peltier is serving life in prison for killing two fbi agents back in 1975 ktvu. magus spoke with the exhibitions director at the richmond arts center who is now leading the search efforts. measuring 12 ft. tall this monumental statue of native american activist leonard peltier is now missing pelts here, a 78 year old man who has spent most of his life in prison
10:34 pm
has garnered worldwide support for his release in 2011 artists . rigo 23 constructed the statue , which has been exhibited at museums across the country. last year. it was on display at the richmond arts center, and last week it was time to send it back to the artist in los angeles. the sculpture made of california redwood medal and clay was disassembled and packed into a 26 ft u haul truck. it was left overnight parked in oakland. um that thursday night. and friday morning. it was not there. it was last seen parked on east 12th street in 13th avenue. roberto martinez, exhibitions director for the richmond art center, has spent three days searching for the u haul. with no luck. now he's asking the public to keep an eye out for the u haul with arizona license plate, a k 16 557 and florida imagery and text he's offering a $1000 reward for information that could help locate it. the truck is big so it will be hard
10:35 pm
to hide. right it will be hard to move. so um, you know, with the help of the community we are. we're hoping. that it can be seen and it can be recovered. soon and it can be transported back to the artist. meanwhile mark hinge, a private investigator and retired chp auto theft investigator is working the case in this case. i'm going to guess that they see this truck that's locked and loaded and they think they're hoping it's going to be full of a bunch of jewelry and private possessions, electronic stuff like that, in this case. the sculpture is worth a lot to obviously the artists in the community, but i think these guys on the open the truck up and see what's inside. they're probably just going to maybe walk. hopefully you're just going to walk away from it. and we're going to find it somewhere behind the building or out of camp. and hopefully the sculpture will be intact inside the truck. this year alone, he's recovered close to 10 stolen vehicles around the bay area for clients, many of them found at
10:36 pm
homeless encampments, with most possessions already taken. he recommends you haul renters place a bluetooth enabled tracking device in the vehicle. and avoid parking it fully loaded overnight, if at all possible reporting in oakland, demagogues ktvu fox two news. coming up at 11 officials waiting for a final decision on title title. 42 tonight an update from the southern border. heavy rain, strong winds working into the bay area late tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll have a look at the timeline of what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up. also ahead. today marks the beginning of kwanza. the celebration in sacramento on the seventh day holiday.
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was held to celebrate the seven day holiday reporter andrea flores has our story. i heard people say happy kwanzaa income in kiswahili. it would be through. ah ha ha! yeah kwanzaa minister imhotep al qabalan with a community church, sharing the seven principles of quanta principle of unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility. cooperative economics. purpose creativity and faith group gathered at the state capitol to learn more about the history behind the holiday. charcoal is tomorrow is absolutely my favorite. one is self determination to define name, create and speak for ourselves going on since 1976. it's an african american holiday . it's something that we can be proud of. it's something that we can study, not only the seven
10:40 pm
days of the year but all through the people do our own deep dive and celebrated in our homes to make the principles. and practice of kwanzaa. a year round. lifestyle michael harris helps organize this annual event at the state capitol, uh, allowing everybody to learn about kwanzaa we've been doing this 24 years. ah to encourage people to think more deeply about kwanzaa really happy to celebrate kwanzaa every year and explain it. i hope that they were energized by the holiday. the celebration reflection of the seven principles of kwanzaa to be able to practice them in my life, practiced them in in the lives of my family and friends and practice them in the lives of my community. that was andrea flores reporting for us tonight. kwanzaa was created more than 50 years ago and is modeled after traditional african harvest festivals. despite inflation, holiday sales
10:41 pm
rose more than 7.5% this year that is less than the 8.5% increased last year, but it is still higher than expected. the figures come from mastercard spending pulse, which tracks payments the spending between november 1st and december 24th was largely fueled by spending at restaurants, restaurants rather and on clothing. online sales were up. 10.6% over a year ago. netflix has promised to put an end to password sharing and says it's already started the process. the streaming platform says more than 100 million netflix viewers watch content using passwords they borrowed from someone else. netflix plans to crack down on password sharing starting next year and is hoping to bring in new subscribers. the company has been running tests in some latin american countries. no word yet on how those tests are going, and it'll cost you a little more to ship a package in the new year if you're using ups or fedex companies are planning to increase rates by nearly 7% the
10:42 pm
delivery services site. pressures from inflation increases depend on the type of package and the distance the distance of delivery. politicians already looking ahead to 2024 coming up after the break. we're taking a look at who is considering a run for the white house. plus taking a look outside right now from our roof cam. it is a wet night out there around the bay area as an atmospheric river rolls in. we are checking in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo after the break. norman, bad news...
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will joe biden run for president again, he said to be discussing it with his family over the holidays, his closest aides say he's going to run. but recent fox news poll showed two thirds of those asked don't want him to run again. but a majority of democrats do so who's in and who's out when it comes to a 2024 run for the white house? reporter douglas ader walks us through the shortlist. the holiday decorations at the white house come and go each year, but the campaigns to live here never seemed to end. i expect the decision will be to do it. the president biden's chief of staff, suggests his boss is leaning heavily towards a re election campaign. but he's still said to be mulling it over . thank you very much everybody. former president trump is the first and only major candidates so far, who was formally announced to run. let's just say
10:46 pm
the prospects for a rematch of 2020, though, aren't too enticing for many voters, and what's really striking is how similar the numbers are among registered voters and a recent fox news poll. biden's favorability is at 43% for trump. it's 42 unfavorable. biden 56 trump 57. still democrats are being very careful here. i think until or unless joe biden makes another decision . you will not hear anything coming from democrats, and that's certainly true to a degree on the democratic side. many would be candidates are waiting in the wings as the president buys some time, but some also seems to be hedging their bets. california governor gavin newsom appears to be laying some groundwork, taking high profile positions on national issues like immigration reform. and there is no shortage of other potential contenders for the democratic nomination. among republicans, trump enjoys an extraordinarily loyal base, but that's not enough on its own to win an election. plenty of
10:47 pm
republicans seem ready to challenge him sensing some weakness, even if they don't want to publicly acknowledge it yet. people just need to chill out a little bit on some of this stuff, but with a prize as coveted as the white house chilling out right now, even in the week between christmas and new year's isn't really an option. in washington, doug loose ader fox news. as california ships toward renewable energy. a pilot project aims to harness solar power and conserve water. at the same time, the water district in the central valley is receiving $20 million in state funding to install solar panels over its canals. the pilot project by the turlock irrigation district is set to get underway over the next year, one of the developers of the project says research shows the state could save 63 billion gallons of water per year. from evaporation. if all of our canals were covered, the panels could also generate about 1/6 of the states currently installed energy capacity. if
10:48 pm
you're planning to go out on new year's eve, bart might be the way to go. the transit agency is offering extended service saturday until midnight. then after midnight, the rail service will operate a three line special service on the yellow, blue and orange lines. extra event trains will run during the last hours of service with the last east bay bound train running through downtown san francisco at 1:30 a.m. the last southbound train heading towards millbrae will run through downtown san francisco at 2:10 a.m. in addition, trains will be waiting at macarthur, 12th street and bay fair stations for timed transfers. sfo and oakland airport stations will not be served. transit will also offer free bus service to riders from eight pm new year's eve. until five a.m. new year's day. and for those who are thinking about new year's eve festivities and new year's day right now, the forecast looks dry. i'll show you that in the extended forecast in just a moment, let's
10:49 pm
take a look at what is going on outside our doors at this hour live. look there over the emeryville area, and you can see some water on our lands as the light showers and rain continue to fall over the bay area at this time temperatures in the upper forties to upper fifties 52 right now in the north bay of santa rosa 59 in the south bay of san jose, the flood watch just starts later this evening or in the overnight hours over the north bay, one o'clock for the rest of the bay area along the coastline and portions of san francisco starts at four am , and we are looking at the possibility of some flooding on the roadways by early tomorrow morning, as well as those poor drainage areas near creeks, streams and rivers. the wind advisory is for our north bay and also includes our hills as well as the coastline and we could see winds gusting 50 to 60 mph. this wind advisory started at this hour. and we'll go into early tomorrow morning. here's a look at the storm. we have the parent low here to the north and west. we've got to that sub tropical moisture tapping into
10:50 pm
it, and that's why we are expecting some pretty good downpour late tonight into early tomorrow morning. right now, it's generally light a few pockets. there are moderate rain. that's about it. meanwhile the sierra is beginning to turn over is becoming a little bit more active there than earlier. and with that again, a high wind warning already in place for the sierra and a winter storm warning beginning tomorrow. morrow morning that will last into wednesday morning. the snowfall amounts for the highest elevations could reach almost two ft. by wednesday morning, and for us we're looking at 1 to 3 inches of rainfall, a possibility with 2 to 4 in our hills and some of those wetter locations. the future cast showing you what we can expect. so this is going on already. tomorrow morning. it does begin to pull out. it looks like it could be pretty heavy for the morning commute that to be aware of because it could be very messy. but towards the afternoon , we do begin to dry out and from tuesday afternoon into late wednesday night, we're dry. we get a break. here's a look at
10:51 pm
early early thursday morning, right about midnight. and we are looking at wet weather on our doorstep by thursday. there is a view of friday morning. there's a look at saturday morning, so it is going to be a soggy into the business week and start to the weekend, but by saturday night 78 o'clock there we are with dry weather in the forecast for your new year's eve festivities, and right now, new year's day looks dry as well. temperatures tomorrow morning going to be in the low forties, too low fifties with the rain and the wind and then for the afternoon will call for mostly cloudy skies. a few scattered showers. temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties we're dry on wednesday. rain arrives early thursday morning on friday started the weekend will be wet, but then we dry out saturday night and lasting into sunday. back to you, rosemary oroczo your christmas tree. the city of oakland is making it easy for residents to dispose of theirs. residents can set out their trees now on the front curve to be picked up between now and january. 13th for other large items like old
10:52 pm
furniture and appliances, the city will resume its free, bulky pickup service. the holiday tree picket period ends. coming up in sports. the playoff picture in the nfl got clearer tonight. jason appelbaum will tell you about the latest team to make it to the postseason. then on the 11 o'clock news, the death toll is rising tonight from this weekend's winter storm, the extreme extreme and deadly weather continuing this week.
10:53 pm
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so the data is good? the data is real good. honestly, best data i've ever had. my best-selling ultimate cheeseburgers, now seasoned as they grill. eight straight wins head into their new year's day match up with the raiders in las vegas. and when you win, your players get recognized, and no defensive player in the nfl is getting
10:55 pm
more love right now, then nick bosa 49ers defensive any picked up two more sacks in saturday's win over the washington commanders that gives both a league leading 17.5 sacks for the season. just to show i of aldon smith's single season franchise record set in 2012, but it's not just the sacks with bosa. he is wreaking havoc on opposing offenses in just about every way imaginable. thailand george kittle echoed the sentiment of a lot of people following the niners. christmas eve wins. i think today secured his defensive mvp. i don't know how it doesn't. and if you look at like what he does every day compared to every sunday compared to everyone else around the league, whether it's officer defense, i don't know. why is that in the ndp conversation to every single day? he's just an absolute monster. that's a dream. i've played this game since i was seven years old play d line the entire way through and i've watched guys throughout
10:56 pm
the years and just wanted to be in that position. i finally feel like i'm kind of living out my dream. the l. a chargers clinched a playoff berth tonight, leaving just one spot in the a f. c still up for grabs. the chargers led by head coach brandon staley, in indianapolis tonight to take on the colts cheap shot here in the second quarter charges. derwin james delivers a brutal helmet to helmet hit on ashton doolan, who suffered a concussion on the play, james was flagged for the hit and dejected. from the game. in the end, the chargers they picked off nick falls three times and austin ekeler ran for two touchdowns his second midway through the fourth. that one seals the deal. chargers went 22 3. they wrap up a wild card spot and their first playoff berth since 2018. there is a new job opening in the nfl after denver. fired first year head coach
10:57 pm
nathaniel hackett. the broncos were just four and 11 under hackett and yesterday they suffered their worst loss of the season of 51 to 14 blowout by the l. a. rams hackett's 15 games stint as head coach was the shortest in the 62 year history of that franchise. the warriors, jekyll and hyde season continues the worst record on in the league on the road, but the best record in the league at home go figure yesterday against the memphis grizzlies. they picked up one of their best wins of the season. klay thompson finished with 24 poi, nine rebounds and one technical for taunting dillon brooks, late in the warriors won 23 1 oh, nine win after the game, clay said he didn't like how the grizzlies were referring to themselves as a possible dynasty despite not winning a single title. he also said talking smack. it's just part of the game. just some good
10:58 pm
old fashioned trash talk. i didn't think it warranted the technical but forgot about the taunting rule. it's always fun to talk trash. we've been doing that since we were in middle school, so that's when to play your best or get frazzled. for me. it's usually the former alright. the last of the four christmas day games yesterday was probably the best highlighted by this ridiculous aaron gordon dunk over the sun's landry. sham it what's more amazing about the doug is that it came with just 24 seconds to go in overtime of a one point game, so the game was on the line when the san jose product threw it down, and, yeah, you got to feel for shame it who is on the wrong end of that poster as the nuggets beat the suns 1 28 to 1. oh, five. all right, here's one way to burn off calories after a big christmas meal. check this out. it is the
10:59 pm
22nd annual roast goose digestion run, ladies and gentlemen, it took place in berlin, germany. run takes place every year, right after christmas in an effort to burn calories from the night before, i would not call that a run necessarily, you know, before. for me, it would be more like a waddle like a post christmas dinner waddles. i would waddle my way through that, too. but there are some serious kind of like a bay to breakers. some runners serious. others not so much and take a look at what happened back east hearing a lot about the brutal winter storms. here's what players and coaches for the buffalo bills had to deal with. yesterday they got stuck in chicago christmas eve after the game with the bears. so then they returned to buffalo the next day, and this is what awaited them trying to get to their cars and get their cars out of the parking lot as they dug them out. to try and get home just been christmas with their families, and we all know
11:00 pm
that it's been brutal back east and that's just, you know, one more example of just how much snow they've gotten there. just a ton. alright jason. thank you. alright. next at 11. we're expecting this to be the first of several storms over the next week or so. gusty winds and heavy rain winter storm settling in overnight across the bay area. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. fast moving storm rolling into the bay area right now. hello again . i'm christian caftan julie haener tonight storm will make for a rough morning commute . let's get straight to our meteorologist rosemary oroczo with a look at the conditions. rosemary the light rain and the study. rain began to fall, but it is the heavier rain in the stronger winds still on the way and with that we are looking at some pretty good rain during the overnight hours, and as julie mentioned a moment ago, it will be the early morning


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